Fantabulously You

Shoes we found quite randomly yesterday at an antique mall that just happened to fit our son.

Spunky. Quirky.  Fantabulous.  Fancy.  Groovy.  Snazzy.  Different.  

Downright odd.

There are bits and pieces of life, things to wear, ways of living that call to us from time to time.  I'm beginning to wonder if the truth and richness of our lives depend on how we answer.

I remember shopping with someone recently who came across a very unique headband in a small shop.  She held it up, smiled, and said, "Oh, I wish I could wear something like that."

Now keep in mind, her head is well-shaped.  There was nothing on the headband that would set her hair on fire or control her thoughts if she put it on.  In other words, nothing but her thoughts was preventing her from wearing it.

And yet, I immediately understood what she meant when she said it.

I wish I could wear that.  I wish I could work in that job.  I wish I could live that kind of lifestyle.


Some things seem quirky, snazzy, or downright odd.  Some things truly are.  And yet, some of those things are who we are.  Who I am, who you are.  We are all surprisingly similar yet - and this is the fun part - fabulously unique.

Noting those  things - a headband, a way of painting, a manner of speaking, a fashion of walking - that speak to us, we recognize our unique, quirky self.  When we shy away from those things, thinking we can't do them for some reason or another, we dim the only light we have to put into the universe.

The point is not to be different in order to accentuate those differences.  Wearing something just to stick out isn't acknowledging yourself - it's just trying to stick out.  Trying to say something revolutionary online to distinguish yourself from "competition" isn't necessarily celebrating your uniqueness - if trying to just distinguish yourself, then that is all you are doing.  (Sorry - what you've said and done has been said and done before...I promise.  What gives your ideas their vitality is the unique YOUness that you bring.)

I'm starting to digress.

There is no one right way to be in the world.  If anything, being uniquely, oddly you is closest to it.  We do not search for unique headbands that scream "me!" nor cling to art supplies that seem to make our creative spirit sing.  We do not try to do anything.  

We just are.  We are quirky, fantabulous, snazzy, quiet, brazen.  We fully live our lives as they are presented to us without dimming our own light for fear of what another might think or in fear of what might happen.  We don't cling or avert, we just live and experience.

Headbands included.


Lisa Wilson3 Comments