HERE:: A new guest series

I'm thrilled to introduce a new guest series here at BeingBreath!

(And you want to know something? I quite honestly made this up in one morning because I already had an interview scheduled and needed a powerful way to introduce my first guest! Yep. Isn't it fascinating when you co-create with the universe??).


is a video series where I'll be interviewing creatives, mindful practitioners, and many wise, down-to-earth people who are in the process of awakening to their lives.

HERE is about our world work - what we are offering to one another each day.

HERE is about our creativity - how we engage with our lives through different perspectives.

HERE is about presence - being with life even when we want to run away.

HERE is about who we are in the world - not in a lofty, someday way, but who we are in each nitty-gritty moment of each mundane day.

I cannot think of a more appropriate person to start this series than the inspiring Aarathi Selvan.


Aarathi is a licensed psychotherapist, both in the US and in India, a mindfulness guide, a creative, an author, a mother to two beautiful children, and a loving wife currently living in India.

(You can learn more about her - and I'd highly recommend to do so - at

Listen to the whole thing, or listen in chunks for itty-bits of inspiration.

Isn't she so beautiful and wise?

Let me know - what was your take-away from this interview??