Honoring What Is (The Story Behind It All: Part 4)

This is part 4 in a series. "The Story Behind It All" introduces the stories leading up to the creation of the new BeingBreath offering, which will be shared in just under 1 week from now. I'm taking you along the process and introducing some new contemplations along the way! 

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Part 4: Honoring What Is

I know that you play many roles in your life.

Mine? Mom. Entrepreneur. Artist. Blogger. PTO member. Yogini. Runner. Wife. Buddhist explorer / spiritual practitioner. Householder. Photographer. Woman. And countless more.

Each of those titles come with its own set of responsibilities, rules, guidelines, and/or expectations.

As an artist, I am to be creative and dedicated to the pieces on which I am working, willing to put in many hours of work (creating and administrative). And more.

As an entrepreneur, I am to stay disciplined in my work, to market, to stay up-to-date in my field, connected with others. And more.

Being a blogger means I need to write on a regular basis, create content that capture the reader's attention and provides value, and promote my materials through guest blogging or social media. And more.

Honoring my spiritual practice means meditating regularly, integrating daily contemplative and kindness practices, and enhancing my body intellegence. And more.

As a mom...I can't even begin to describe the long list of responsibilities. And then there are the expectations by other parents and by society of how I am supposed to parent my children. And...

And so on.

In a typical day, I am subjected to countless perspectives, laws, rules, guidelines, and responsibilities. Some of these are of my own making. Many of these are not, but they are ones I choose to acknowledge and sometimes abide by.

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When contemplating something I am going to do, I often focus on just the role that path requires and forget about all of the"other things".

For example, in thinking ahead about a work project, I will often schedule out 4 - 8 hours a day, plus some "after-the-kids-go-to-bed" hours to dedicate to that project. Inevitably though, I never get that amount of work done. Why?

I forget about the PTO meeting. I forget about the number of times the kids argue and need me during those 4-8 hours (and how they never really go to bed at bed time). I forget about the time I needed to exercise, and the time needed to fold the laundry. I forget about the date night we were supposed to be doing once a week.

And oh, how I have envisioned grand projects with the kids! Towering forts constructed out on the back deck, hours lost in playing board games as we laugh until our tummies hurt, and quiet times of reading in the nooks at the library.

But I forget that I have a deadline coming up on the project I promised someone. And I forget about the post I was supposed to write. I forget about the weekly meeting I have that coincides with that program at the library that I wanted us to attend...

All in all, I realize how often I forget about What Is.

And I'm not just talking about what is going on with my project, or what items are on the calendar for family time, or where I'm at with my running schedule.

I'm talking about ALLof What Is.

I forget about the totality of my being in this moment.

I'm not talking about trying to do it all.

I already am all of these things.

I am all of these things in THIS moment (even if I am only working on / expressing one at a time).

This is What Is.

And when I consider how fast I can roll out a project or how many day-long vacations I can take with the kids before school begins again or how many luncheons I can schedule next week, I need to consider all of What Is.

Not how I want it to be, nor how I expect it to be, but WHAT IS.

This requires a tremendous amount of mindfulness, remembered over and over and over.

What Is is always changing. To acknowledge it, I must be present with ...well, with what is going on. 

In lieu of staying present, it is often easier to judge or to forget. 

It's easy to shame yourself for choosing to watch t.v. instead of finishing that project. It's easy to shame yourself for not playing with the kids and instead choosing to work. It's easy to say it was WRONG to choose what you did...whatever that might be.

It's easy to forget that we have houses to clean and

cars that break down and

bodies that need exercise and lovingly-prepared food and

minds that need meditative pauses and

friends that need called and

children that need dinner and story-time and attention ....

and that is all before, after, and during the income-producing work that needs to get done.

(Feeling anxious yet? Breathe.....)

Let go of judgment. Let go of expecting anything to be a certain way. Let go of those SHOULDS.

And drop into What Is.

Breathe with it. Move with it. Trust in it.

Those laws and rules and perceived responsibilities are there to guide, not to confine nor define. 

Breathe with what is.

The offering that I'm flowing into releasing in just one week serves to introduce you to ways to be more mindfully present with What Is. Because I think we could all use a bit more of that...

The Story So Far

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Part 3: To Pay Or Not To Pay explored getting the most out of an investment (not limited to money!) when what you put in breaks out of your comfort zone and getting the greatest return when what you are aiming for is aligned with your deepest values.

Part 5 of The Story Behind It All will be shared on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

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