Life In Perspective

What we experience is not external reality,

but an interaction with it. ~Gary Zukav, referring to Niels Bohr



We don't see things as they are, We see thing as we are. ~Anias Nin


Life is experienced in perspective.  Changing perspective, we change our experience of life.  What if we tried a perspective that life is an interaction?  That it is not something happening "to us", but something we are creating by interacting with it?

Our interaction with the red light matters, not the red light.  Our interaction with our co-worker or our kids creates our reality, not the co-worker or the child.  Our interaction with our self determines our own attitude, not an external force.

Try today to see the world as a reflection of yourself - energy reflecting and responding to energy.  Realize that change, beauty, and suffering is not "out there" but radiates from within ourselves.


Lisa Wilson6 Comments