Lose Yourself In Wonder

Allow yourself to sink into wonder.

What life is at its essence is unknowable.  We can explore, experiment, experience...but through it all, we must release ourselves from expectations.  To expect is to claim to know, to foretell an outcome.  The energy of life does not have an outcome...it is only right here, right now.  Momentary creation.  Ultimately unknowable in any way other than experientially.

Wonder allows us to  still move around, dream, and act...without expecting an answer.  Indeed, finding an answer when playing the game of wonder only means we must find something else to explore.

From wonder into wonder, existence opens. ~Lao Tzu

Most of us have become jaded to life.  We expect we know what is going to happen.  At the very least, at an unconscious level we resign ourselves to a fact-based existence where certain things are possible and certain things aren't.  

Wonder allows us a new perspective where anything is possible.

An image of the infinite expanse of the night sky filled my mind as I contemplated wonder.  Immediately I was taken to the canvas and experienced a blissful unity of image and creation.


(An interesting note: Mid-painting, I took a break to visit a favorite site of mine, Bliss Habits, and read a thought-provoking guest post by Chel Micheline on exploring joy and the night sky...I love when the stories that float on waves of energy are shared!)

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this, and hope I can take you to the place I lost myself in while I painted. 

A balmy evening.  Crickets chirping all around from a distant, unseen home.  A soft wind blows an almost inaudible whistle through the grass.

Resting alone on the well-worn blanket after pouring a yet-untasted wine, your gaze flows up.

A magnificent explosion of swirling darkness stained with dancing prisms of light pulls the breath from the wind around you into your lungs in a deep inhale....and your slow exhale releases, merging with energy that will drift far into the unknown.

Wonder lies before you, waiting to be explored.  

Experience this night.

Do you have a favorite place to go to lose yourself in the expansive energy...to experience that magical wonder?  Please, share...take us with you....



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