One World One Heart 2011



*Update: 2nd Giveaway added 2-7-2011!!*

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Lisa's the name, Awareness Arts are my game.


1) Nonjudgmental acknowledgement of what Is,

2) Openness; Mindfulness,

3) Awakening to Re-Membering (coming back together again; returning to unity)


1) One who consciously creates.

I use the tools of yoga, creativity, art, laundry, photography, story-telling, humor, and parenting to enhance my own life and to inspire others to live more authentically and deeply in their own.

I blog frequently, sharing stories of my journey and inspirational quips.  I paint & create.  I mother 2 young kids.  I run. (Sometimes for fun, sometimes to keep up with the kids.)  I am addicted to iced-chai.  

I am human and like sharing the challenges I find in my own life (currently struggling with the growing tire around my tummy).  I am also divine and like helping others re-member (come back together with) their own divinity.

The Giveaway

This is what you are really here for, right??  

I created a painting specifically for this event, but also one that shares a message I hope to live by and impart to everyone visiting.

Those who leave a comment on this post (see The Rules below) will be entered to win "The Practice", a painting from my heart.  

*Update 2/7/2011: I have added a second painting due to the number of comments!  Please keep reading for more information.  (*Note: Depending on the number of entries I receive, I may be updating this post to add a 3rd painting for a giveaway.  See The Rules for more information.)


"The Practice" is a reminder that every moment of our lives is another opportunity to practice - practice being open, mindful, and aware of everything that is going on (around us, our body, our thoughts, our breath).  

We will forget over and over.  That is the beauty of being human.

We will remember, begin again, and experience the blissful rewards of a practice over and over.  That is the beauty of being divine.


The Practice is painted on pre-stretched canvas on a 12" x 12" frame with durable acrylic paints (Liquitex).  It will arrive ready to hang.


There is gold paint used throughout the painting that will glimmer nicely in the right light - a good way to catch your attention and remind you that this moment, this breath, is part of your practice.  That you can begin - again - right now.


"Breathe" is a mindfulness reminder of a practice we carry with us every moment of our lives.  When we face challenges - from the mundane to the seemingly overwhelming - we bring suffering into our bodies.  The more we practice, the more we can find this suffering within us; breathe into it; and let the suffering ride out on the wind of the exhale.

Breathe is also painted on a 12" x 12" canvas with durable acrylic paints, and will come ready to hang. 

"Breathe" also has a tiny hint of shimmer added - an lighthearted bow to the tingling refresh of an in-breath.

After we breathe into our suffering, wherever it may reside in our body, we exhale and let go of what we no longer need.

 The Rules

 1) The how (to enter): Leave a comment below with a way to contact you.  That's it! If you are a blogger I'd love to find you (leave a link); If you have other thoughts, I'd love to hear them!  To win, though, all I need is a comment and a way to reach you.  Please note: Only one comment / entry per person allowed.  I will be checking for duplicates before selecting a winner.


2) The when: You have from now (Monday, Jan 31, 2011) until midnight on February 16, 2011 to leave a comment.  I will close the contest and announce the winner on February 17th.  (I will also contact the winner by email.)
3) The who:  You.  And everyone worldwide.  This is a big old love-fest.
4) The what: The winners will win one of the above paintings ("The Practice" or "Breathe") which will be mailed to you on or within 2 days of Feb. 17th.  I will randomly draw two winners.  The first will be allowed to choose which painting they want; the second will receive the other painting.
The painting is 12" X 12" on gallery-wrapped canvas.  (Painting is continued on the sides of the canvas)
It will arrive ready to hang.
Depending on the participation (last year the numbers were astonishing!), I may add a third painting as a giveaway (to increase chances that you will win as the entries increase).  I will update this post as needed.
5)  The why:  Really?  Do you need a why?  'cause it's FREE.
Please email me at lifeunity (at) gmail dot com if you have any questions.  Feel free to follow or subscribe to the blog, or sign up for my newsletter if you like what you see.  I LOVE connecting with kindred souls.
Good luck, and thanks for visiting!! 


A big thanks to Lisa Swifka of A Whimsical Bohemian for hosting this event.  The amount of time and work she donates to this is amazing!