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THIS is the practice (a.k.a. Be Careful What You Wish For)

It was one of those things I've been meaning to do.

I have an art area - a studio of sorts - that is well-used.  I've been meaning to clean it.  I really have.  But I've been dragging my feet on that.  Every time I went downstairs, I wanted to play...not organize.

Yesterday when I went downstairs, I noticed the carpet felt a bit cooler than usual.  This is the basement, mind you, so nothing that set off any alarms.  But I decided to investigate...

I'll save you the dramatic build: Over the past few weeks, it appears our basement has been lightly flooding.  

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Wake-Up Call

1) We long for comfort.  Ease.  Steadiness.  These desires lead us to and keep us in bed.

2) We long for passion.  Inspiration.  Motivation.  These desires get us out of bed.


In between the two we dance.  


But there is a dangerous trend I'm noticing in the dance steps.  

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