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The Same Moon

"Look at the moon", I thought.  

"How pretty it is this evening."


We were in another argument.  Unlike the car that was speeding down the highway, this heated conversation was going absolutely nowhere.


I kept trying to bite my tongue.  There's nowhere to run, nowhere to escape to when you are in a car.  Those nasty thoughts and retorts that were sizzling in my head certainly didn't need to be spoken.  But the more taunts he threw out, the harder it was to resist.

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Being With Anger

He was running late.


I stood there, leaning against the car, fuming.

I was proud of myself for not yelling (yet), and for doing all I could to help him get ready (even though it wasn't my job).

But as I glanced at my watch again and again, I just kept getting angrier.  He knew what time we had to leave!  What are they going to think if we are late?  Why should I have to be the one to deal with the consequences of his actions??

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