The Same Moon

"Look at the moon", I thought.  

"How pretty it is this evening."


We were in another argument.  Unlike the car that was speeding down the highway, this heated conversation was going absolutely nowhere.


I kept trying to bite my tongue.  There's nowhere to run, nowhere to escape to when you are in a car.  Those nasty thoughts and retorts that were sizzling in my head certainly didn't need to be spoken.  But the more taunts he threw out, the harder it was to resist.

Thankfully, there was the moon.

I kept watching it, thinking of how it was watching silly this argument and this traffic and my little bubbles of furious anger seemed from that vantage point.


We made it home.

We made it through.


The next night, we were out driving again, this time through peaceful traffic and moods.  

Again, I noticed it: the moon.


It was the same moon that had kept watch last night, the same moon on which part of my awareness had resided while fires burned within my gut.  And now, I was watching it - the same shape and color and distance from my eyes - and I - not it - was completely different.  How fascinating!


It is the same moon that still lingers in the sky in this quiet early morning while I type this.

The same moon that you saw several weeks ago, its full luminosity catching your attention for a few seconds or a few blissful minutes.  

It's the same moon that has seen us killing one another and casting abstract shadows while we make passionate love.


I see that moon, and there is no judgment.  Just reflection - of the sun's light, of my awareness.  Just being.