Today: Laundry. Tomorrow: Half Marathon

Two years ago I ran the Indianapolis 500 Half Marathon.

Tomorrow, I will do it again.


2010 Half Marathon, self portrait somewhere around Mile 8


Two years ago, my husband joined me.

Tomorrow, he will do it again.

(My sister may or may not be attempting a repeat due to health issues, but I send kudos to her as well)


2010, anxiously anticipating the race

Two years ago, I had legs and determination strong enough to carry me 13.1 miles.

Tomorrow, I will find that strength within me again.


2010, the feet that would carry my sister and I  13.1 miles


Two years ago it was freezing with winds so strong they couldn't put up the finish line marker.  We didn't know what to expect and experienced an exhilaration that is indescribable throughout the entire experience.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 63 degrees with 90% humidity at race time.  We sort of know what to expect....

and guarantee we'll experience indescribable exhilaration once again.


If you happen to be thinking of it on Saturday morning around 7:30 (closer to 8:00 a.m. EST once we actually get to the start line), send me a little strength wish, won't you?