Turtle Medicine


16 x 20, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Turtle reminds us of a different pace.

Turtle asks us to consider this pace, to recognize that hurrying is often counter-productive, to remember that each thing happens as it happens ... it is only our mind that tries to race ahead. 

Turtle slowly speaks and says to breathe, to know what it feels like to always be at home (for indeed, you can carry it with you), and to feel each blade of grass as we walk upon it.

Turtle is not lazy. Turtle moves - in water, on land - breathing the same air that we breathe, accomplishing everything that needs to be accomplished, deliberately, one     step    at    a    time.

In creating this painting, I first began with a frenzied background. Color after color, brushed on in large stripes.


I then moved to the pace of the turtle. With the light blue that is still visible in some areas, I made small circles across the multi-colored background. I made one circle per breath. Inhale, touch the brush to the canvas, exhale and paint. Refill, begin again.

Meditation in creative action.

The rest of the painting emerged on the ground of these hurried + calm energies.

Turtle moves among them all, at peace with his pace.