Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You?

It is important, this thought that you are thinking right now.

It will guide you to your next thought, and your next action.

An art journal page, completed while delighting in Spectrum.


It reads: 

Like clouds in a spacious sky, like water through undulating, time-worn banks, like wind through millions of dancing leaves, like paint oozing over a white page, like breath that flows as life...


I remain curious and in awareness. HERE. and in Shambhala and curiously at Catholic mass I am reminded of LOVE and basic goodness. They are the same essence. Can I BE in those, remember that I am those, so that all of my actions emanate from that being?

NOW I decide. And now. And with these nows, I FLOW.

So I ask, where are your thoughts taking you?

Are you deciding...or forgetting?