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I Never Expected This

Two days ago, I shared this on Facebook:


Oh my. Just watched a National Geographic documentary - American Serengeti - with the kids. Luckily, no predator dining was shown (I was prepared). 

However, they did show a bison that died while giving birth (both mom and calf died).

After the show was over, my daughter broke into tears. I held her and kept asking what was wrong. Eventually, she shared, "I'm said for the bison.", and buried her head back into my shoulder.

(It led to beneficial, if not difficult, conversation.)

I simultaneously LOVE and feel unbelievably challenged by having a daughter who is as sensitive as her mother.


I never expected a reaction like that.  But what came next brought me to my knees.

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(In) Love

Today is a day of love, or at least a day in which we recognize and celebrate that which exists in every day.


Instead of trying to come up with ideas and descriptions on my own, I thought I would let those who so eloquently speak the language of love do it for me.  (images taken by myself or my husband unless otherwise noted)

I ask only that you open your mind for a few moments, to breathe in and out, and to feel the love of which these poets speak.  Self love, love for another, love for all, love that goes beyond words.

Be this.

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