Our Weekend

I truly hope everyone had a beautiful weekend, whatever and with whomever you celebrated.

My brother, hubby and I did end up running the 4.5 mile Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning.  It was raining, but around 50 degrees F...so really not too bad!  And though my time was nearly 15 seconds / mile slower than last year (and I'm slightly peeved about that), how can I complain when a race ends with free food, free Starbucks, and is followed by an afternoon of family togetherness?

Truly a blessed Thanksgiving.

(I don't have the camera with which photos were taken, so those will get posted later.)

Friday night we went to the town square for the lighting ceremony.  We toured local shops, indulged in hot chocolate, heard glorious music, and counted down with Santa to illuminate the town.  (Bloomington definitely has the most beautiful courthouse/square area of any town I've seen.)

Inside the courthouse

On Saturday, family joined us for our new tradition - choosing our own Christmas Tree at Twin H Farms.  It is an exciting day...driving around, walking through so many trees looking for the one.

And again...free food (popcorn) and cider and hot chocolate waiting for us at the end.   Mmmm.

 On the hunt for the perfect tree 

 My niece - isn't she just adorable?!

 My brother tying their tree onto his car

Our boy enjoying his hot chocolate.  Yum.

Amidst all of this, you might have noticed the posts getting a bit "deeper" and a bit less frequent.  I am honoring the change that life is taking me into right now....part of that means more time in private journals, less time online.  (Most likely temporary)

Ah, but for now...I am off to a dentist appointment.  That is enough for me to ponder.

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