Highs and Lows

Every night, our family plays a game called "high/low".  Usually done over dinner, we share our high and low points of the day.  It's a great way to start conversation.


Since I've been a bit absent recently, allow me to start our conversation with my high/low.


A little over a month ago, I was notified that I won an iPad as part of an event Indiana University Health was doing at the Indiana State Fair.  Needless to say, I was THRILLED, but was able to keep it a secret from my family until it arrived a few days ago.

There's the high.


Two days after the iPad arrived, my husband was on the computer (our main desktop) when it suddenly shut itself off.  It did this several times before we decided to take it somewhere to have it looked at.  The technician's words when he opened the CPU?  "Yeah, this is done."  Apparently there were caps that were eroded, a mother board that was close to being destroyed...basically irreparable.  (I'm still crossing my fingers that we'll be able to save what data was on it.)

There's the low.


And now that we have our conversation going again, ....so.... how've you been?


Hopefully you will understand why, over the next few weeks, my visibility online will be quite random.  

We decided to purchase a new computer (that decision was pretty much made for us) and we decided to go with an iMac (that decision was highly influenced by almost everyone else who says they love their macs).  (I've been a lifelong PC user.)

I am now accepting that I will need to switch gears over at least the next several days.  When our Mac arrives, I will need to spend time familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of a new operating system.  Until and during that time, I'll be dealing with trying to convert programs, save files, and keep some online interaction via our laptop (a PC, of course).  (Oh, and playing with the iPad.  Yeah, probably too much of that.)


What does this mean for you?


For those waiting on the Encaustic Experience: Beginner's Mind enrollment to open, I'm crossing every finger and toe that I can do that by next week.  And there WILL BE an early registration discount!  I want to ensure, however, that I will be able to open the class on Oct. 11th (as previously planned) before opening enrollment.  Be sure you follow me on Facebook  or subscribe to my newsletter for the earliest notifications.


For those waiting on the Awareness Arts class, I offer a humble smile and gratitude for your patience.  I want to be able to offer not only the best material for the class, but also to be able to present it in the best format.  This means that I will need to learn how to use my tools (the new operating system and programs) before releasing the class.  (Not to mention replacing my video camera that also died a couple of weeks ago!  WHEE!)  Be sure to visit often or sign up for my newsletter for the most up-to-date information.


For all others, this means you'll see me in random cycles here at LifeUnity.  As I get used to the iPad and new computer, I'll be playing and posting frequently just to test ways of doing it!  However, there also may be random dry spells (such as this week) as I deal with learning the programs, importing and exporting data, and making random trips to Starbucks to keep myself sane.


I'm both anxious and exhilarated.  I've almost unintentionally and quite suddenly become part of the iCult.  I'm having conversations with friends in which I still feel like I'm speaking a foreign language, using terms like "Facetime" and "ios6".  I have possibilities through new apps and new connections oozing from every screen and click.  It's oddly addicting and annoying.


We all have our online and offline presence, triumphs, and challenges.  Part of my practice here at LifeUnity is keeping you in the loop for all of those…letting you know that every moment – online or offline, joyous or messy, miraculous and mundane – is part of the experience of life.  There is no LifeUnity without the computer (and thus, computer troubles), there is no blog without those experiences I have offline, there are no art courses without the time I spend creating on my own art.

So I leave you this weekend with a wish – that whatever happens, whatever highs and lows – whatever is happening RIGHT NOW – that you are present for and open to it.  


what is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts? It is the glorious sound of a soul waking up!