Now, Awareness. Now, Create.

Sometimes it is so hard to write.

I sit here not knowing what to share - not because there is nothing, but because there is everything.

There are times during my life (times that are becoming more and more frequent) where my perspectives on life are constantly shifting.  I become enamoured with a concept in the morning, but one conversation or observation during the day leads me in a completely different direction by the afternoon.

This drifting is nothing new; I've come to embrace my wondering nature.  

The challenge comes in the art.


As I've mentioned before, I see art as expression of experience.  There is no right or wrong way to experience life, no right or wrong way to express ourselves.  (Some ways are certainly more harmful, but in order to keep this post on track we'll save that for another discussion.)

So the question that I now must sit with is

After the awareness, then what??

I am aware of love and hate, of pain and suffering, of ecstasy.  I have been unbelievably blessed with the vision of the hawk to see the tiniest details and the broadest truths.  (Comes in helpful both when creating spreadsheets AND during dinner conversations!)  I believe in the innate "goodness" of every being.  I have faith in Jesus and Buddha, in my husband's promises and in my children's endeavors.  I trust in the deeper source from which these expressions radiate.

But as my life flows on, I feel the pull to create.  To express.  To allow my body to move as an expression of these truths, to assist my breath in energizing my being, to write and draw and paint everything that this awareness has shown me.


All of this must be done as awareness continues to expand, to breathe, because indeed - it all begins with awareness.  Over and over each day, we begin again.  Oh how much there is of which we can be aware!!  How little we understand. 


You can read this post as an ethereal musing, a philosophical mind blurt that raises the eyebrows but does little to pique the interest.

Or you can read this post as a practical invitation.  An explanation of why my blogging is sporadic at times (as the perspectives in my reality whirl and I don't know where to stop spinning to write).  

The invitation is personal.  I have my own question(s) with which I sit.  Are you aware of yours?



Moment after moment we become aware of a new NOW.  It may be what we want it to be; it may be something from which we want to escape.  Regardless, it is NOW and demands our awareness if we are to consider ourselves alive.

But awareness is just the beginning.  From each awareness comes a creation asking to be born.  Awareness is a fickle mistress - without constant attention she fades away.  Your invitation - our invitation - is to sink into the seduction of mindful awareness and allow our bodies and minds to writhe in pleasure of express.  

Each dance will be unique; every understanding of reality is fleeting.  We can teach others and ourselves to re-member (to come back together) by creating.  The sheer process of sculpting a belief, smearing a glob of paint, or belting out a nameless tune is a miraculous art that enlivens us.  



Every moment we are given the opportunity to be aware; every moment we are given the opportunity to create from that awareness.

May we not pass up our opportunities.